I have been working on a Importer for 3D modelling software Blender that loads arbitrary Bundler files. Bundler is a freely available software that uses a bunch of photos as input and produces a 3D reconstruction of cameras and a rough point-based scene geometry as output:

Why import Bundler scenes?

The whole idea behind this is to make the whole 3D modeling process easier: Just make photos of a real place or object, reconstruct it using Bundler and then import it to Blender as a base for further 3D modeling.

The Importer is written as Blender addon in Python and already so far works fine for all Bundler scenes I tested. A Bundler scene describes camera parameters for each image (mainly position, orientation, focal length) and also provides a somewhat noisy point cloud of scene surfaces (see above image). Camera parameters are imported into Blender as cameras and the associated photos are added in front of the camera as a textured quad.

Installing the addon

Installing the addon is easy, just follows these steps:

  1. Download and install Blender.
  2. Download the import_bundler.py.
  3. Launch Blender and go to File > User Preferences and then select tab Addons
  4. Click on Install addon… and select import_bundler.py
  5. In the next step you need to enable the addon in the user preferences dialog. Click on the button Testing in the upper left corner to make the addon appear in the list. You can also enter “bundler” in the search box to filter the addon list. Then click on the checkbox on the right side of the addon entry to enable the installed addon.

To use the importer, click on File > Import > Bundler (bundle.out) and then select the bundle.out file of your Bundler scene.

If you need a Bundler scene for testing, use this one. If the import goes well, then you should see something like this. If the import does not go well, please drop a comment.

  1. import_bundler.py (9.67kB): Bundler Import Addon for Blender, 2593 Download(s)